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Khaled Takreti

Syrian artist, Khaled Takriti was born in Beirut in 1964. He studied architecture and painting and finally graduated in 1992. Takriti worked as an architect in the General Directorate of Antiquity and Museums in Syria. Ever since a child, Takriti drew and painted using oil colors. He developed his skills in several art schools. In 1995, he moved to New York for two years through which he got acquainted with contemporary art.  However, he chose to live in Paris as a full time artist since 2006. Takriti's style is close to realism. His main subject and concern is the woman. According to him, a female's presence brings stability as well as strength, tranquility and balance. Great white spaces however, are still under research, discovery, adventure and experiment. He had many exhibitions, with great frequency, in all the galleries in Damascus and also in Paris and Beirut.Today, his paintings are part of numerous public and private collections such as the Syrian National Museum and the Royal Foundation in Jordan.


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